To my English Guests…

To my English speaking guests: Welcome !

Please do forgive my rusty English.

This Blog of mine is just a place for my Emotions, while walking through the beautiful paths of the Enchanted Wood of Alchemy.

I’m studying the Art since more than thirty five years, and I do work in my Lab today, every Springtime. Please allow me a few words from my heart:

  • Alchemy is the most ancient Art, where Mother Nature acts and we, humble humans, do not know why and how. It is an Art to be rediscovered through a complete destruction of our beliefs, a total eradication of our Ratio (the real enemy to any true Knowledge), and a stable and continuous walking along the ancient paths of Mother Nature, following the few footsteps of the true good Masters. Alchemy has nothing to do with magic, religion, New Age enthusiasm, Psychology, Occultism, Wicca, Self teaching awareness, Group Meditations and so forth. Alchemy, and her Dame – Mother Nature – would not allow anyone to enter properly on the hidden paths in the Enchanted Wood without absolute humility, perseverance, Love, Faith and Surrender to Nature’s Project. Most of those who want just come near the path are rejected, some of them even with damages, some of them with a fatal illusion to have found the truth; the walk is very, very, very long and has to be done daily – I do mean, daily – but in total solitude. It’s an individual walk, all alone with a very elusive Lady.
  • Alchemy has originated possibly on the high plains of ancient Persia, through the Art of Fire, studying matter and its behavior here on Terra, discovering that that matter had a Prima Materia and that an Universal Spirit could be embodied in that Prima Materia and produce a new, peculiar, body: this Body, called the Universal Dissolvent, could perform incredible things on Terra. The most ‘external’ effect of this new Celestial body, which can be touched and weighted on a kitchen scale, was the Elixir, which is what we would call a crystal, red as the Phoenician Purple: porpora, in Latin, is pur puris, the pure of the pure; from Greek pyr, fire, we say the Fire of the Fire.
  • From Persia, the Art went to Sumer, then to Egypt, then to Greece. After Alexandria, Arabians got the flame, and the Art revived greatly; two paths resulted: one operative, one speculative. A new Philosophy was born. Then from the land of Ali Baba, the magical Lamp and its Genie, the Art,  went to Europe, in Spain: with the Crusades, and the Knights of the White Mantle, the penetration of Art in Medieval Europe was two folded; Arabs text were translated in Latin and the European Tradition was born. Alchemy fell through various traps, and became intermixed with magic, theurgy, kabbalah, and all sort of science and/or philosophy aimed to discover the missing link to the Sky. The confusion was great, but a few humble men, after a life of faith and assiduous study, achieved some “particulars”. Those who achieved the real hidden goal, were possibly five, in five centuries. Then, after the Battle of the White Mountain, and the charitable efforts of the real and still unknown Brotherhood of the Rosae Crucis, mankind was driven willingly, with the consent of the Adepts, toward Illuminism. Sir Isaac Newton was chosen by them to exactly drive people away from the ancient and Sacred Art of Nature with his beautiful Principia Mathematica; but Newton was an alchemist, and doing his wonderful job, kept its secret, personal, individual path. Then we’ve passed through the wasteful and horrible age of Occultism, until – in France – a single man brought again the Light in Light: Fulcanelli.
  • Should I advise you of an extraordinary Adept to be studied thoroughly, besides Fulcanelli, I’d mention Eireneus Philalethe; he was British, but he was one of the first founding fathers of your Nation. His best known work is Introitus Apertus ad Occlusum Regis Palatium; in English, it’s An Open Entrance to the Shut Palace of the King. Be advised to dismiss any edition and/or translation of this work, as all those on the Web today. Quite a lot of Libraries in US Universities do keep a copy of this original edition, made by William Cooper in 1669. He wrote in English, but bewares: he is the most honest teacher while being the most perfidious one. Not a single word or phrase of him is casual, and not one means what even a skilled alchemist may think to have decoded: the entrance is open, but the truth, in French la veritè,  is very well shut.
  • For those who seriously want to study Alchemy, I should advise to learn to read Latin and French, at least. Translations of Alchemy books NOT made by a proficient and practicing alchemist are pure nonsense, and most of the students are condemned to stupid entrapments.
  • When reading a good book of alchemy – and they are quite a few through centuries, possibly not over one hundred – you will find yourself entangled by Allegories, and strange wordings, and Symbols; they are there for the stupid, who will exercise their poor minds in astonishing interpretations, most of them really silly and totally unuseful. Allegories are to be read as hints for a practice, in a Laboratory. A fiery Dragon is a fiery Dragon, and if someone will eventually come to his lab on a particular night, he will immediately recognize it, if the Grace of God is with him. The Dragon will not easily give access to the entrance of the Palace: it’s guarding a Princess and a Treasure. To be the Knight who may kill the Dragon does not mean to be simply a good man: you must be a real Knight, and a long and appropriate training, a veil, and a vow, should be performed as it was once upon a time. That’s a real thing. The combat is real.  Mother Nature enters your Laboratory, and that’s not to play around with good manners and wordly, nice, New Age mantras. You may risk your real life. Remember that Alchemy is an Art done with your hands, with minerals, in a small Laboratory. Forget those who speak of Self, Enlightenment, Spiritual bodies, Angels in the bedroom, Mystical Visions and so on. These things do of course exist, but not in the form we may think of; they will come in light with time, but later, when they will sense that the student is currently walking on the ancient paths. And this may happen only after at least two or three decades of continuous studying, learning how to switch off Ratio and to live life with simplicity, silence, Love and compassion.
  • Alchemy is an Art done in a laboratory, with simple equipment and minerals. Remember that when you speak to yourself of a passage in a book or with a faithful friend. What could be done on a small fire in Egypt or in Persia, shall be done at your home. Also, avoid as hell the immediate desire of ‘classification’: that’s chemistry, which has absolutely nothing to do with real Alchemy.
  • The correct rendering of one of the most famous sentence is this: “Ora, lege, lege, lege, relege, labora et invenies”. And that’s for a precise reason. Do follow these rules. Always. Deception is a most common accident all along the walk in the Wood. Trust your Heart and never, repeat, never, follow your mind. An alchemist is a man who knows how to live daily with quiet eyes and acceptance of anything may happen around, even if –as the Gauls loved to say – ‘the sky could fall on your head’. Remember that when an alchemist speaks ‘in clear’ it’s surely deceiving the reader; in time, you will find incredible operative teachings hidden in phrases which do not talk about alchemy in their writings. It’s anyway unuseful to look for these, because only when your heart will be capable of sound, this may happen. Don’t be mystical, but be Natural.  It takes many, many, many years.
  • Last, but not least: Alchemy, being the Art of Nature, will bring the student in touch with the Realm of Sacred. Do not even try to come near it without due acceptance and respect. Alchemy is, like Moon, a harsh mistress. You can fool a man, not The Dame. Do not build silly New Age rituals, full of good words and harmonic intentions: they are nice, but that would always be an intellectual construction, your mind in action deceived under a nice new costume. You would be rejected, once and for all. That’s why Alchemy is an individual and silent path: as Fulcanelli confessed, it happens one day to be compelled to dismiss all our clothes – personal, academicals, social, religious, whatever you may have wanted to be – and to sit down, again, at a new old school; to start all over again, from a real Tabula Rasa. Not one thing within and without you will be kept. That’s why you may travel for all your life; and – remember this – an alchemist has no warranty whatsoever to reach the goal. The Goal it’s secret and no one will ever come and tell you what it is. You must not desire to reach for it: you would lose it and stay, again, here. Arjuna, lamented himself with his god Krishna about the terrible sorrow of seeing familiars and friends in the enemy’s army before the Great Battle: how can I shoot my arrow? Krishna responded to aim with no desire, without wanting; just shot your arrow, and keep your posture. No Desire. Also: Sorrow is a lack of Knowledge. But, knowledge, to know how Nature works through all the Universes, all along the everlasting Process of Creation, is a devastating, terrible experience for us: Mother Nature has no ethics, no logics, and no do-ut-des, no anything familiar to us. The Laws of Nature are completely hidden to man, and they will always be: we just see, with Physics and other Sciences, some wonderful effects, and we do build wonderful ‘models’; these theories change while our technology advances; but we may learn to ‘know’, and do not ‘comprehend’. That’s quite a mistake: in Latin, ‘comprendere’ means ‘to bring into’, into our heart. To stay and grow. So a new way of life will arise, in time.
  • An alchemist needs a special Grace from above: we may pray, but should not protest. They know, we don’t.

I do hope my few words may be accepted and understood, being a simple student which is walking since quite a long time along the beautiful paths of the Enchanted Wood: Alchemy is real and not a vain intellectual or mystical exercise.

Too much wanting I do see in the words of men: so, remember to smile to Mother Nature, accept the good and the evil, walk, trust the Sky, surrender to the lovely arms of the damsel: but – first – purify yourself of all what life has put inside and outside you; as I said, it takes years. Do not run: “Praecipitatio a diabolo”…it’s  very dangerous to run in the Enchanted Wood, even at the outskirts. The entries are very well guarded.

And we are just nothing. A simple nothing compared to what you may encounter in the Enchanted Wood of our Lady Alchemy.

I repeat: be wise, simple, silent, accept the good and the evil, trust the Sky, walk every day, and pray.

Do not expect anything: study and learn, without glares and statements of a new glory. We, all of us, are watched and weighted, step after step. Look around yourself, laying down on a green Springtime meadow…relax and be the Joy of Nature. Be it, nothing else.

Sidera Veneris et Corniculatae Dianae Tibi Propitia Sunto

Wish all the good, for all of you…

Sempre di buon cuore

Captain NEMO

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